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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Canoe Sailing Resources 2005

Canoe Sailing Resources 2005
Don't think I've got this in the HYC history page. It just popped up when doing an 'albert strange' search on the google AdSense search just inserted below.

Dance with the Doogle?

Google AdSense (right, below) and Google AdSense search (bottom of page) added with 'site flavour' (sailing) by way of experimentation today.
Hopefully this will NOT transliterate into Devanagari script (Hindi) whichever browser you're using!
HYC member? - Yes, you are on the right page! See the Albert Strange Association website (links around here somewhere) to see why Trevor B wants to experiment with this blogging software.

Monday, 15 October 2007

HYC Website Update

The club's site at is now live and the older version (with more material) still available here.
Meanwhile, experiments are taking place with WordPress here.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Muddy Work at Winteringham

Just a snap of Andy and Roger working at Winteringham.

Shortly to appear on that pesky 'pseudo-official' site here.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

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'Pseudo-official' site updated

Trevor's 'pseudo- official' site now has revised comments, pictures and new content or links on the History, Facilities (Brough and Winteringham), Gallery (off), Training, Local (Pubs and Wildlife) and Links pages. Meanwhile the long wait for the new official 'official' site continues.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

HAL's Sailing Regatta Results Scoring Software Program

HAL's Sailing Regatta Results Scoring Software Program
One that might be useful for us - free trial, £50 annual licence.

Whitstable Yacht Club � Racing

Whitstable Yacht Club � Racing

Welcome to Humber Yawl Club :: Home

Welcome to Humber Yawl Club :: Home
And a link to Trevor's 'pseudo-official' HYC website (a 'clone', with interesting additions, of the not yet released 'official' site - a sort of 'beta'! - test it and prod the committee!)

Humber Sailing

Humber Sailing
A blog from GCYC

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Man at work

Vijay admiring his own handicraft. 11th July 2007

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Website mockup coming soon

Just to re-activate this blog, I intend to post a link to a new website mockup soon to try and encourage the committee to pull out its collective finger and get a proper website up and running soon soon soon!!!

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Explanation and apology

I have added a link (right) to the Social programme for 2007 on the club website in development. I am aware this might be considered unethical and apologise for this but don't believe any great harm should arise and I do want to press on the committee that to be useful to members, any information should be made available 'as and when' - immediately. (Members have this information in their printed programme anyway).
I assume that the members login will only be for 'exclusive' information and that most of the site will be available to members and the public without login (or with anonymous login).
If members are required to login to use the site then I would predict it will get very little use and be of very little benefit. Most of the information should probably be available to the public (and would be members) anyway.

Responses and comments for discussion please! Trevor B.

Winteringham Weekend

Winteringham Weekend
How some of you looked in 1999.
And 2000:
W'ham working weekend March 2000

Friday, 23 March 2007

Still live and updated today!

To whom it may concern

Any apparent implied or explicit criticisms of the club's web presence here will be intended only to be helpful and support the development of a really useful website (as opposed to an ornamental presence) for the benefit of all members and would be members or friends. The intention should be to foster a co-operative approach which actively involves all interested persons in a worthwhile online community for members.

Hopefully, this blog too could be co-operatively developed to support that community of members.


Humber Yawl Club

I had thought of writing to the committee but, since it is now 10 years (Ten Years!) since I started trying to get them to register a domain name and make good use of the web, perhaps it is better to use the web to try and push things along - hence this blog!
(I'm not at all sure we shouldn't be using a 'wiki' now!)

YOU (a member) can comment on THIS blog page NOW! (see below).

But I note sadly, having had a look at the current club pages 'in development', that we are still going about it in entirely the wrong way with no regard for the 'community of users' principles that motivated Tim Berners-Lee when he invented the world wide web in 1990.

According to Berners-Lee, the whole point of the web is that pages are always provisional, in development and available NOW! (Like it takes a few minutes to create and put up web pages, not days or weeks, let alone ten years).

Unless we can have today's news today, or at least yesterday's results, reports from last nights meeting etc. and members are able to provide instant feedback, then a website is not a lot of use. (Or not worth looking at, not as useful as it could be).

I will add examples of how to do it and how not to do it (from major companies to primary schools) as soon as I can, meanwhile, whilst the club now has a 125 year history, here is a ten year history of the club on the web:
(Many of the links on these pages will no longer function but some will and you can find pictures of Winteringham Weekend 1999 and working weekend 2000 with shots of many members from Winteringham and Brough). Until I change this to open pages in a new window, in the meantime (Speed a la Tim Berners-Lee), use the BACK BUTTON to return here or open the links in a new window by RIGHT-clicking (Mac users will know what to do).

Page from 1996-7 updated in 1998 (aye, it does look dated!)

Page from 2000-2001 last updated in 2003

Which then had automatic re-direction to the 'new' club 'official site'

What use is a web site for a sailing club (from about ten years ago).

The Club's page 'in development': - as opposed to the humbery awl club (Awls have something to do with sailing?).

And the development - assuming you'd like to have a peek now!

You want to comment? - see below. You want to contribute or edit THIS blog? Send email to but replace HYC with the usual symbol.

Love and kisses - Trevor B.